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Seit dem 11.10.1956 im Landkreis Nordhausen! 

History of the company premises

In 1786 Frederick William Wolfram founded the iron and hardware store company FW Tungsten. The business was in the held by the Wolfram family since 1700 House in Töpferstraße 26. In an official survey of economic conditions Nordhausen the hardware store, which settled mainly their wares in the Saxon and black burg principalities, was named as the excellent and significant. During the 19th century, the company developed into one of the largest and leading the industry in Germany. 1824 took over the son-Leberecht Gebhardt business. In 1852 he handed it over to his son Friedrich Kranz. Under his leadership, and the two shareholders, son Richard Wiese and son Julius Kranz, the company took a steady climb. From 1906 the sons Erich Kranz and Friedrichswiese initiated the company. As a result of increasing revenues and the need to establish in accordance with extensive storage capacity, the transfer of the wholesale operation after the railway land at the Steinstrasse made himself necessary over the years. Here, the company expanded 1923rd


It modern facilities have been created with siding and built a the requirements corresponding office building. The whole area had a size of 22,000 m². 1938 the company employed

160 workers, of whom 55-60 regulars and 8-10 apprentices. The company supplied from Nordhausen in the entire space, but also provided in all parts of Germany, from Celle to northern Bavaria, of Lippstadt and Paderborn in the west to the border as well as the Ore Mountains and the Lusatian Vogtland. The bombing in April 1945 brought the company a lot of damage, the business in the Töpferstraße had been destroyed. After the war (ehem. Stone road, today Bochum street), a low-rise building was built in the Ernst-Thälmann-Straße, which served until very recently as a sales area, where some 8,000 sales products. 1950 took Marianne Evers (born meadow) that the Lord Gustav Evers widow who Großhandlung. The political changes brought a new beginning for the company. Since 1990 resulted in the 9th generation of the grandchildren of the family, Thomas Evers, the specialized trade for building hardware and workshop equipment. The entire premises in the Ernst-Thälmann-Straße was sold in 1993 and acquired a new area in the terrain Thüringer Motorenwerke GmbH. In the former clubhouse of the IFA a central warehouse with sale originated. The assortment of goods comprised 26,000 items. In Töpferstrasse the company opened a hardware store. To achieve good and fast for customers from the area of ​​Nordhausen - - At the cheap offers of DIY stores outside the city could not keep up the traditional company priced. Even in the wholesale sector of the market was saturated. The result was the bankruptcy on 13 May 1998. After a 212jährigen tradition came the end of the same year for the wholesale companies the final out.