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Flood protection Eisenach, measures complex II


Hydraulic calculations as part of the project planning § 42 HOAI 2009, LPH 1-4, Honorary Zone III, off-set completion of hydraulic calculations in the context of pre-planning


Thüringer Landesanstalt für Umwelt und Geologie

Göschwitzer Straße 41
07745 Jena

Frau Pehlke
Tel.: 0 36 81 / 3546-409


The hydraulic calculations were to og during planning services (LPH 1-4, § 42 HOAI 2009) Projects provided.

Subject of the order are for the measure complex III (River-Km 6 + 600-10 + 000) a total of 15 individual measures from the flood protection concept Eisenach. The measure complex III comprises part of Hörsel and the lower reaches of Nesse.

Building on an existing 2-D model that was developed as part of a flood protection concept for the space Eisenach, the model has been activated and performed calculations in the context of planning for selected planning versions. This virtual plan states were observed with variations of lines of flood protection in combination with variants of the entertainment of the waters embankments.

Components of hydraulic calculations were in detail:

  • Virtual plan states with different variations of lines for flood protection
  • 2D water level calculation for different variants
  • Simulation with Hydro_AS-2D

Model area for the action complex II in Eisenach

Example for variant consideration of lines of flood protection