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Wastewater transport collector Rothesütte - Sülzhayn (Thüringen)


Connecting the local drainage Rothesütte to the local network Sülzhayn


Abwasserzweckverband „Südharz“ 

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99768 Harztor, OT

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Planning Services

Project planning according to HOAI, § 42 (formerly 56 para. 1) engineering structures, service phases 1-9 and the site supervision for

  • 4.0 km SW channel DN 200
  • A pumping station with rubble catch and Druckluftspülstation
  • 2 pieces water crossings
  • Creating documents for approval in accordance with § 17 and 79 ThürWG
  • COMPLIANCE WITH Habitats Directive and EC VSchRL
  • Creating landscape conservation plan
  • subsidy applications


1.BA local plant Sülzhayn to Steierberg

Transporting collectors crossed on Steierberg the Water Stone About Born in closed construction. In the construction sector stood at predominantly gravelly or sandy Porphyrzersatz which is partially under a layer of silt. The partly considerably large stones (porphyry blocks to 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.0 m) have the grave excavation very difficult. In some portions of the porphyry was encountered as a solid rock in the area of the pipe trench. Also had to build an elaborate drainage and to entertain, to dominate the massive overhang flowing water.

Since parallel to the canal route over long distances a water pipe and electric cables are, the pipe grave excavation has been hampered due to the approximations and crossings and it had to be kept adequate safeguards. For the waste water transport collector pipes DN 200 and DN 150 were used polypropylene with a nominal stiffness of SN 12th

2.BA Steierberg to Rothesütte

The route of this section is in the drinking water protection zone III of the amended facilities of Sülzhayn. In the upper section of the route crossing the stone About Borns was again necessary. The route of the transport collector has predominantly a relatively high surface gradients. The average slope is 9%, it varies from 3 to 22%. The building is very difficult (rock or large stones).

In the upper section of a terrain nadir was overcome. Here the pipe system acts like a hydraulic gradient pressure line. In this line segment of the transport collector was developed as a pressure line with the pressure stage PN 10th The shafts were carried out with the closed line and the inspection openings sealed pressure-tight.

As tubing Polypropylene PP-HM was used with a multi-grid connection. All pipes were welded together as the links to the shafts.

3. BA sewer Alte Poststraße (Rothesütte)

For the sewer pipes DN 200 stoneware DIN EN 295, capacity class 240, used. The shafts were built for reasons of corrosion protection of HDPE in the nominal size DN 1000 and DN 600th The house distribution channels for waste water were carried out of stoneware with a nominal width of DN 150 possible. They bind to about feeders on collectors and end with a transition chute before the neighboring plot.

In the eastern part of the Old Post Road, a pressure sewer from PE is laid with in the pipe trench that drains at the high point in the sewer. At the western end of construction of the sewer connects to the reconciliation collector according Sülzhayn. Here is a flush valve and a slide were installed. The storm sewer was made from pipes DN 300 Sb. It binds to an existing sewer DN 300 B on the east Start of construction. Here a new shaft has been built into the existing channel. The house distribution channels for rainwater made from PVC pipes DN 150 possible. For surface drainage of the road new street inlets were installed and connected to the storm sewer.


Detailed design