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Seit dem 11.10.1956 im Landkreis Nordhausen! 

Flood protection concept for Steigerthal, Nordhausen


Water Entertainment Association „Harzvorland“

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 99734 Nordhausen

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The location Steigerthal due to its location in the valley with the adjacent mountain ranges endangered by wild surface runoff during heavy rainfall. The coming out of the catchment area aboveground drainage is only partially derived through the sewers, so that it may lead to flooding of the streets, is also threatened by the adjacent buildings.

Our Services

  • Create flood protection concept

  • Hydraulic calculations

  • Create Hydrological reports

  • Establishing a containment with 1,000 m³ volume to reduce the external inflow area


In a variant study various possibilities have been established to improve flood protection and tested for feasibility, cost and engage in the types.

The investigation revealed that the situation on the ground a retention volume of a HQ100 - does not allow wave. As a preferred option was the construction of a flood retention basin above the road, worked out in reason 'for a HQ50.

For the detection and evaluation of the intervention, a landscape conservation plan, a wildlife conservation Post, an FFH preliminary assessment and an environmental impact study was required.

Geomorphology Steigerthal

Hydrology Steigerthal

Protected Area Steigerthal

Hydrograph "Im Grund"

Location HRB "Im Grund"

Flood hydrograph plan state