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Nature friendly expansion of Wipper in Seega


Project planning according to HOAI § 56 of Structures


LPH 1-9, Honorary Zone III,Von-Satz


The Thuringian State Institute for Environment and Geology commissioned our office in 2003 with the planning stage in accordance with § 56 engineering structures with the natural expansion of the Wipper in the local situation Seega.

Planning Fundamentals:


  • Protection target for Seega (100th flood)
  • Results of inventory
  • Objective of the WFD
  • Relevant use structures
  • Inclusion of measures in landscape and settlement image

Editions / receivables from the zoning decision:


  • Measures of LBP are to be implemented
  • Control of prevention and mitigation through projects support
  • Compliance with the rules for tree protection
  • Quality assurance of planting and seed material used
  • Implementation of measures
  • Regular monitoring at the site and participate in Bauberatungen (in Baucontainer hanging execution plans from)
  • Monitoring compliance with the shut-off times
  • Control of reeipt of relevant structures (Horst trees, woody shrubs groups and individuals, valuable structures in the Wipper)
  • Implementation f fish evacuation before the construction work in water
  • Coordinating services with supply sources
  • Permanent technical discussion and, if possible, adapt the construction of new insights


Within this project, which in the period 01/2009 - 11/2009 was implemented, the following sub-measures have been implemented:


  • Dismantling a desolate fortification in a Sohlengleite
  • Creating a Flutmulde ranging paper mill
  • Construction of a flood protection dyke over a distance of 500 m in the upper and lower town location with a 3 m wide dyke entertainment
  • Construction of a 120 m long stone flood protection walls in the upper village location
  • Upgrading of the mill race
  • Retention compensation measures
  • Creating and planting a 1km long and 10 m wide riparian strip


The decrease took place on 07.12.2009.