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Rehabilitation of flood protection dyke on the White Elster in Gera-Zwötzen


Thüringer Landesanstalt für Umwelt und Geologie

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Frau Schneider
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The White Elster flows through the city of Gera. As part of a state determination of dykes has been found that these are largely no longer stable and must be improved immediately. Also no HQ100 protection was given. This was also the HQ100 flood in June 2013. As part of the planning measures to protect against a HQ100 floods have thus been constructed 

Our services

Renovation / expansion of approx. 1.6 km flood protection dykes on a HQ100

  • Sealing of the dike by steel sheet piling
  • Renewal flood protection wall
  • Renewal of passages
  • Build Deichverteidigungsweg
  • Landschaftsbauarbeiten

Project Description

In a variant study various possibilities have been established to improve flood protection and tested for feasibility, cost and engage in the types.

As a preferred variant of the installation of static effective internal seals in the dikes (sheet piling), the upgrading of the existing flood protection walls and a 360 m long new flood protection wall at the sports ground was worked out. After the flood of 2013, the planning based on the current flooding has been calibrated.

For the detection and evaluation of the intervention, a landscape conservation plan, an FFH preliminary assessment and an environmental impact study was required.

Put steel sheet piling

New passage

Upgrading dikes

Restoration Flood protection wall

Restoration Flood protection wall

Embankment renovation