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Seit dem 11.10.1956 im Landkreis Nordhausen! 

Flood exposing the Helme in Sundhausen and the industrial estate "An derHelme" in Nordhausen


The local situation Sundhausen and the industrial estate "An der Darre" in Nordhausen were in the floodplain of the helmets and greater than 40 m³ / s were inundated with flood discharges. During the planning measures for flood control should be established.

Our services

natural transformation of helmets by bioengineering constructions inside and outside the local situation Sundhausen

  • Construction of a flood polder with a capacity of approximately 420,000 m³
  • Construction of a polder dike over a length of 1.0 km
  • Construction of a 50 m long string automatic weir with attached flaps
  • Rehabilitation of 1.5km flood protection dikes

Project detail

In a variant study various possibilities have been established to improve flood protection and tested for feasibility, cost and engage in the types.

As a preferred option, the construction of a flood polders in shunt to apex capping and rehabilitation of the existing flood protection facilities in the local situation in connection with the implementation of a restructuring measures in the area of riverbed dynamics was developed.

For the detection and evaluation of the intervention, a landscape conservation plan, a wildlife conservation Post, an FFH preliminary assessment and an environmental impact study was required.

Installation of a Raubaumes

New flood polders

Installation fascines and deadwood

stone edition

An automatic flap weir

Creating a meander