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Implementation of the EU WFD in Surface water bodies "Obere Helme"


Hydraulic calculations in the context of objektplaning § 42 HOAI 2009, LPH 1-4, Honorary Zone III, From Phrase Completion of hydraulic calculations: September 2013


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The hydraulic calculations were within the scope of planning services (LPH 1-4, § 42 HOAI 2009) provided to the above-mentioned projects.

There were sections of planned measures to improve the condition of the water and at the same time made the consideration of the interests of flood protection for the particular local situation herring. As basis an existing 2-D model from the floodplain determination of helmets was used

The following hydraulic calculations were carried out:

  • virtual planning Responsible for the implementation of flood protection with regard to the EU Water Framework Directive with different variations in the lines
  • combination renaturation / dame-relcation with flood protection measures
  • 2D water level calculation
  • Simulation with Hydro_AS-2D


Flood plains in the actual state

Flood plains in the plan state with structural improvements and elements dame-relocation