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Create riparian buffer strips in the association field of water Entertainment Association


Project planning according to HOAI § 38 Abs. 1 Freianlagen
LPH 1-9, Honorary Zone II, From Phrase
local construction management
Acceptance of May 2012


Gewässerunterhaltungszweckverband „Seltenrain“

Bahnhofstraße 186a
99947 Kirchheilingen

Mr. Baumgarten
Tel.: 036043 / 72014


Following the establishment of river maintenance association "Seltenrain" our office was entrusted with the mapping of all the running in the association area waters. The uptake of water was based on the recommendations of LAWA "water structure quality mapping in the Federal Republic of Germany - procedures for small and medium rivers." In this course 80 km waters were recorded and documented II. Procedure in 100 m sections.

Thereupon a Gewässerpflege- and -entwicklungsplanung was created by our office and handed over to the Association as a future basis for action.

Based on the water management- and development planning priorities have been set.

The water maintenance Zweckverband "Seltenrain" commissioned our office with the planning stage in accordance with § 38 outdoor installations to take the necessary measures to implement individual waters. To ensure financial viability of the complex project was divided into individual construction stages. These sections have been tendered under a public procurement procedure.

From 2008 until May 2012 took place September the implementation of measures in three separate phases. The structural design of the 1st phase of construction the Fa. GAI company for civil engineering equipment and maintenance mbH from Niedersachswerfen was that sections 2 and 3 were implemented by the company. TUG Civil Engineering and Environmental Services GmbH "Unstrut-Lossa" from Kölleda.

Realised in the framework of free plant design measures include not only water structure measures varied planting activities (tree and shrub plantings), care measures to the waters II. Rules of the Association of GUZV area. Further passages were consistently designed and dimensioned according to the hydraulic requirements or dismantled if possible and upgraded restraints.

Implementation of these measures has a lasting positive impact on the aquatic environment and their environment and is consistent with the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive. The measures will contribute to the promotion of ecological continuity and momentum, as well as the assurance and promotion of the existing ecological network. Furthermore, the nutrient and sediment input can be reduced from agriculture.

The decrease in the individual sections takes place on 18.12.2008 (BA 1) 25.10.2011 (BA 2) and on 25.05.2012 (BA 3).

Pictures during the action

Images when the action ends