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Seit dem 11.10.1956 im Landkreis Nordhausen! 

Expansion of the flood protection dyke the Weiße Elster in Gera-Zwötzen


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As a result, an opinion was noted that the levee Zwötzen seriously affected and is in need of renovation. Simultaneously, the flood protection system should be expanded to a HQ100.

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- Landscape conservation planning gem. § 26 Abs. 1 HOAI

- Representation of the conflicts in text and map, as well as development of an action plan

- Open Country Biotopkartierung according Mapping of Thuringia

- Site-related screening of the case pursuant to § 3c Thüringer UVPG

- Landscape management implementation planning gem. § 39 para. 3 HOAI

- Site supervision

Project Description

One of the main goals of the project was the expansion of the existing dike on a total of 1.6 km, the construction of a flood protection wall and an entertainment way, the rehabilitation of an existing flood protection wall and the construction of two passing places "Am Mühlgraben". In a species conservation expert contribution initially the requirements concerning species conservation were shown roughly and evaluated. Furthermore, made extensive studies for flora and fauna of the area.

The first priority has been set in the space on new plantings along the new path. This turned out to be due to the cramped position as a very demanding planning performance. A total of 92 trees were planted in the planning area.

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