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Gernrode, the ecological passability of Wipper


Hydraulic calculations as part of the project planning § a44 HOAI 2013 LPH 1-4, Honorary Zone III, off-set. Completion of hydraulic calculations of December-2013.


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The hydraulic calculations were to og during planning services (LPH 1-4, § 44 HOAI 2013) Projects provided.

In the course of this project, the ecological continuity of the Wipper in the local situation Gernrode is to be made between rkm 82 + 000 and 83 + 400 again. To improve flood protection and the natural design of the Wipper fortifications are dismantled a Sohlengleite built. Furthermore, 3 Sohlabstürze be completely demolished and a Sohlengleite on the entire width of waters with a shallow slope of 1: 46 and built a rough surface. It is a low-water channel is provided through which the necessary water depth to be ensured even at low water conditions.

As a basis, a 2D model was adopted, which was established for the determination of the flood plain of the Wipper. The planning options were incorporated and calculated in the model.

The following hydraulic calculations were carried out:

  • 2D water level calculation of ÜSG - determination with Hydro_AS 2D actual state
  • 2D water level calculation HQ100 with Hydro_AS-2D, virtual state plan
  • Hydraulic calculation of Wipper for the preferred option for the reconstruction of the weir means 1D calculation for Q30 and Q330
  • Hydraulic 1D calculations of welts water in actual and virtual state plan

Flow rates at the Wehr Gernrode in current state

Flow rates after rebuilding the Wehr Gernrode to Sohlgleite the state plan