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Flood protection concept for the Ronnebach in the local documents and Rodishain Stempeda, City Nordhausen


Gewässerunterhaltungsverband „Harzvorland“

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99734 Nordhausen

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The Ronneburg flows through the local positions of municipalities and Stempeda Rodishain. In the spatial positions of the stream is expanded on both sides over long distances with seawalls. These seawalls are damaged by washouts. Thus, the stability of the walls is partially compromised.

In the place plies the waters is characterized by numerous bridges and culverts. These passages have z.T. only a small hydraulic capacity, so that it already comes to proliferations at relatively frequently recurring floods in the region of HQ10 for impounding of ports and resulting Ronnebach durchfließt die Ortslagen der Gemeinden Rodishain und Stempeda. In den Ortslagen ist der Bach über weite Strecken beidseitig mit Ufermauern ausgebaut. Diese Ufermauern sind durch Unterspülungen geschädigt. Dadurch ist abschnittsweise die Standsicherheit der Mauern gefährdet.

Our services

Create flood protection concept

  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Create Hydrological reports
  • Establishing a containment with 6,000 m³ volume to reduce the outer area of the local situation Rodishain inflow
  • Construction of an additional storage reservoir above the Wolfsmühle on Wolfsbach with 10,000 m³
  • Partial expansion of the water in with increasing the right bank


In a variant study various possibilities have been established to improve flood protection and tested for feasibility, cost and engage in the types.

As a preferred option, the construction of a flood retention basin above the local situation Rodishain has been prepared for a HQ100.

For the local situation the Stempeda thereby achieving reduction of the inflow is not sufficient. Thus, a second retention basin was planned with a volume of 10,000 m³ above the Wolfsmühle on Wolfsbach. Furthermore, a partial river development with increasing the right bank should be.

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