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Seit dem 11.10.1956 im Landkreis Nordhausen! 

Rothesütte, Ellrich Parking area Alte Nordhäuserstraße


Stadt Ellrich

Salzstraße 8
99755 Ellrich

Herr Kuß 036332-25160


Rothesütte located in the district of Nordhausen, Free State of Thuringia, near the border with Saxony-Anhalt. The construction area is located in the northern part of the resort right on the road through the federal highway B. 4

The parking lot was expanded basic way.

The car park entrance was secured with the existing interlocking pavers made of concrete

and the parking areas with small patches of granite made. The border areas between the parking area and the adjacent area were designed as a green area and planted with trees and bushes. There are 3 new lamps set and been relocated to new street lighting cable.

There were erected new benches and wastebaskets.

Here invested Europe, the Federal Republic of Germany, in the context of shared task "Improvement of Agricultural Structures and Coastal Protection" and the Land of Thuringia in the rural areas