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Seit dem 11.10.1956 im Landkreis Nordhausen! 

Seehausen, Bad Frankenhausen renewal of Pfarrstraße and the church square


Stadt Bad Frankenhausen

Markt 1
06567 Bad Frankenhausen

Frau Naumann
03631/ 696-200

Project description

As part of the construction phases 1 and 2, the Pfarrstraße - from the confluence area parish Street / Frankenhäuser road to the confluence on the western church square - basic way and the church square rehabilitated. The road in the Pfarrstraße over a length of approx. 80 m and base adhesion expanded in a width of 4.50m and manufactured with an asphalt surface. The section churchyard was also fundamental way rehabilitated over a length of approx. 90 m and a width of 3.00 m. The surface was made with granite large paving as well as the park and walkway surfaces.

As part of the 3rd phase of construction was the western region of the Pfarrstraße from confluence Western Kirchplatz base adhesion redeveloped to Aufmündung Lower Crossroad, expanded the roadway in the Pfarrstraße fundamental way on a length of about 110 m and a width of 5.1 m and made with an asphalt cover layer.

The limit of the roadway was carried out by a 3-line Basalt gutter that the drainage serves. For the walkway surfaces concrete paving was built with granite intent.


After completion of the work