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Revitalization of the water Röstegraben



2004-2006 selected measures in Thuringia were carried out as a pilot project river basin management in the years to prepare for implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD). One measure was the revitalization of the water in the local situation Großwechsungen Röstegraben.



Water Entertainment Association "Werther / Görsbach"


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Ms. Windisch

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  • Creating an accompanying landscape conservation plan in accordance with the performance phases of the HOAI
  • Representation of conflicts in text and map
  • Development action plan
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of the project
  • Species conservation Fachbeitrag
  • Open Country Biotopkartierung according Mapping of Thuringia

Project Description

The main objective of the project was the reduction of nutrient inputs in the Röstegraben and the restoration or promotion of near-natural conditions in and around the waters. In a species conservation expert contribution initially the requirements concerning species conservation were shown roughly and evaluated. Furthermore, made extensive studies for flora and fauna of the area. One of the measures of the LBP's were the profiling of different high embankments and structuring the river bed by applying gravel banks and installation of large stones as a flow diverter. The embankment was planted with rushes. In some sections of the straight course of Röstegrabens was changed into a meandering. Furthermore, a double-sided riparian buffer strips was applied, which was planted with typical tree species.

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